Filmmaking Programs

Phyllis lends her expertise to various educational programs. She has a passion for sharing her knowledge as a filmmaker with youth and adults. Here are some of the programs that she’s created:

Red Balloon Playroom

Red Balloon Playroom is a 12-week, one hour per week film boot camp teaches middle school & high school students how to make movies. Students learn the elements of storytelling and then apply their knowledge to writing their own short film as a team. Once the script is complete, auditions and a table read are held, and then the film is shot! On the last day of the program, there’s a screening and a celebration!

See Phyllis speak about her work as a Master Teaching Artist

Kids Movie Fest Film Competition

Kids Movie Fest is a brand new online short film fest and community for young filmmakers 13-19. The competition presents a unique opportunity for participants to practice their filmmaking skills and express their unique stories, while engaging in a bit of friendly competition.

Wicisi: Write It, Crew It & Shoot It!

Write it, Crew it & Shoot, an 8-week online course carefully designed to lay the foundation for turning your story into a short film. In the 8-weeks, participants refine their idea, develop their story and highlight the specific need-to-know tools to help them understand the production process. Along the way, attendees will have the support of fellow classmates who are building their film projects, too.